Optimizing Email Deliverability with DNS Domain Records on AWS

Project Description

Client: Marmlax, an IT services company in the United States.

Project Description:
Marmlax, which provides IT services to various clients, was using a traditional email service provider for their email outreach. However, they were facing issues with email deliverability, which was affecting their marketing campaigns. They wanted to switch to a cloud-based email service that would improve their email deliverability and provide better security. They chose AWS WorkMail as their new email service provider.

Project Requirements:
The main requirements of the project were as follows:

Setup AWS WorkMail: Set up AWS WorkMail for Marmlax and migrate all their email data from their old email service provider to the new one.
Improve email deliverability: Improve the email deliverability of Marmlax’s email campaigns by configuring the DNS settings with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.
Secure email communication: Configure the email system with proper security measures to ensure that all email communication is secure.