Client: Dyntechs, a USA based IT Company located in New York.

Project Description

Dyntechs was using an outdated ERP system and wanted to migrate to Odoo, a modern and flexible ERP system. The migration involved a complex setup, including the transfer of data from the old system to the new system, setting up the new server, and ensuring the security of the system. The client also wanted to optimize their Odoo installation to ensure optimal performance.

Project Requirements:
The main requirements of the project were as follows:

1) Migrate the old ERP system to Odoo with all the data intact.
2) Set up a new server to host the Odoo installation and ensure its security.
3) Optimize the Odoo installation for improved performance.

Project Solution

Client Testimonial: “I Love it” – Simon Zakon, Dyntechs

To meet the client’s requirements, we took the following steps:

Migration: We started by understanding the structure of the old ERP system and the data it contained. We then mapped this data to the corresponding modules in Odoo and created a plan for the migration. We used Odoo’s in-built migration tool to transfer the data to the new system. The migration process went smoothly, and we were able to migrate all the data to Odoo without any data loss.

Server setup and security: We set up a new server with a robust security system to ensure that the Odoo installation remained secure. We used the latest version of nginx as the web server and configured it to work with Odoo. We also implemented SSL to ensure that all communication with the server was secure. We set up the firewall to restrict access to the server, and we implemented regular backups to ensure that the data was always safe.

Optimization: We optimized the Odoo installation by configuring the Odoo workers. We used the worker pool management feature in Odoo to ensure that the system used the available resources efficiently. We also optimized the Odoo database to improve its performance.

The Odoo migration project was a success. We were able to transfer all the data from the old ERP system to Odoo without any data loss. The new server setup was secure and reliable, ensuring that the client’s data was safe. The optimization of the Odoo installation resulted in improved performance and faster response times.

The Odoo installation, migration, and administration project for Dyntechs was a complex project that required expertise in Odoo, server setup, and security. We were able to meet the client’s requirements and deliver a secure and optimized Odoo installation. The client was satisfied with the results and has continued to use Odoo as their ERP system.